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Time to go to work!  Today Arizona Bead Blasting is headed to Gilbert, Arizona to restore Lynn’s blue pool tile.  She estimated the build up to be about 8 years and this will be the first time its been cleaned.  We arrived and Lynn walked us to the back yard to reveal a beautiful play pool with a small spa.  Lynn brought up some concerns she had about the tile cleaning process. Her neighbor had their tile glass beaded by a competitor and were not happy with the results.  Glass bead is a GREAT media to use when cleaning pool tile.  AZ Bead Blasting used glass for eight years with no problems.  However there are still many out there shooting glass bead incorrectly and doing more harm then good.  We reassured her her that our process is second to none in Arizona.  Our patented bead blasting and salt blasting techniques will NOT damage pool tile or Pebble Tec guaranteed! With that we hoped in and started blasting! 45 min later Lynn’s pool was back to its original beauty.  To say she was blown away would be an understatement. After settling with Lynn we stopped by her neighbors house and offered our service next time they needed tile cleaning.  Thank you Lynn for your business!  We will see you and your neighbor in a few years. – Arizona Bead Blasting

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Fun facts about Gilbert, Arizona:

Once a farming community known as the “Hay Capital of the World”, Gilbert got its boost with the building of the Roosevelt Dam. The dam helped regulate water for farming. In 1920, when the town was incorporated, there were 500 hundred families farming in Gilbert.  The town is named for William Gilbert who offered his own land to the railroad and soon had a rail siding on his property. A rail siding was an extra section of rail that allowed the loading and unloading without blocking the tracks. Gilbert essentially had customers coming right to his property and buying his crops. Pretty soon a town was established and named after him.

Gilbert, Arizona is located just 22 miles southeast of downtown Phoenix. Although it is a suburb of Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale, Gilbert is a quiet community that has sustained its small hometown feel embracing its rich history and southwest tradition. Gilbert lays claim as one of America’s fastest growing towns. Its 2010 population of 208,453 is an increase of almost 100% from the previous decade. The amazing rate of growth is a testament to Gilbert’s attraction as a family-oriented town.

Gilbert was recognized in 2010 as the “36th Best Place to Live in the nation”, as well as among the nation’s “top places to live and learn” according to Washington-based C.Q. Press rated Gilbert the “safest municipality in Arizona, and 24th safest in the nation”. Its progressive rate of growth has evolved it into a highly educated, affluent community that supports higher-wage jobs, particularly in life science and health services.

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