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Pool Tile Cleaning Before In Chandler AZ Pool Tile Cleaning Chandler Arizona


Time for some calcium removal Chandler, Arizona.  AZ Bead Blasting was hired to clean the pool tile belonging a new East Valley resident named Ed.  He just bought the house three weeks ago and his wife was tired of looking at the calcium line so Ed gave us the opportunity to take on the job.  We estimated the build up to be a few years old and after reaching a price we went to work.  With this particular job the calcium was a little more difficult to remove then normal.  After cleaning a few feet of tile it was obvious the previous home owner pumiced the tile at least a few times.  Pumice is a DIY solution for removing calcium from pool tile but unfortunately pumice does more harm then good.  The glaze of the tile was scratched up and this made it easier for the calcium to adhere to the glaze and making it more difficult to remove.  Its similar to sanding a surface that needs to be painted.  Once the surface is scuffed up from the sanding the paint adheres to the surface much better.  After our calcium removal process the tile looked amazing!  Thanks for your business Ed.  We shall see you in a few years.




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