Pool Tile Cleaning with Salt Blasting in Queen Creek Arizona.

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Arizona Bead Blasting provides pool tile cleaning in Queen Creek, Arizona.  Arizona Bead Blasting is headed to Queen Creek after receiving a call from Ted who had about 5 years of calcium build up on his pool tile.  After testing the calcium hardness of his water it was obvious it was time for a drain.  We set the sump pump and arrived the next day to clean the tile.  After 45 minutes of salt blasting the tile looked good as new! We also blasted off some rust stains at the base of the pool.  Thanks Ted for your business.  We will see you in two years.  Don’t for get we offer free estimates for pool tile cleaning Queen Creek Arizona.

Pro tip:  Whenever you restart a swimming pool with fresh water ALWAYS add stabilizer!!!  (stabilizer, conditioner, cyanuric acid.  Three terms same chemical)  When starting a freshly filled pool with untreated water, usually add 5 pounds of cyanuric acid per 20,000 gallons of water to yield about 30 ppm stabilizer in the water. Test and adjust the cyanuric acid level during the pool season.  Cyanuric acid is a white powder or granular product which is usually added to the pool water through the skimmer. Backwash the pool filter first, then remove the pump basket and skimmer basket and add Cyanuric acid slowly to the skimmer closest to the pump. Stabilizer dissolves very slowly so we add it to the skimmer to allow the product to reach the pool filter where it can dissolve slowly over time. Do not backwash the pool filter for a few days after adding stabilizer. It needs this time to dissolve.

(Check out amazing glass tile patterns for your swimming pool!)


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