Swimming Pool Tile Repair

How many cracked tiles do you have? An isolated cracked pool tile is no big deal but several cracked tiles in a row is indicative of a more serious problem.  Swimming pools are basically a large mass of concrete sunk into the earth surrounded by another large mass of concrete, called the pool deck. Due to the forces of expansion and contraction, these two large masses need flexibility to move independently or they will tear each other apart. For this reason an expansion joint is included between the pool deck and the coping tile on the swimming pool wall.  An expansion joint that leaks allows water to penetrate the interface between the coping tile, pool deck and the beam causing cracks. The beam, to which the coping tile attaches, serves as a reinforcement collar around the top of the pool wall.  Carefully inspect the caulking in the expansion joint for signs of failure then remove the caulking around the cracked coping tile.  Tile patterns have come a long way from the 6″ x 6″ blue standard. Pool Tile from all over the world provides an endless palette of color, shapes and sizes. Pool tile differs from bathroom tile in that it is formulated to be frost free, a term meaning that it is resistant to chipping from ice damage. It is more than likely that your tile is six inches in height, although it occasionally is installed in 12″ depths. Sometimes they just continue it down and all the way across the pool or spa. Pool Tile provides an attractive accent to the pool’s edge while allowing for an easily clean-able surface to catch oil and dirt. Without pool tile, there would exist a difficult to remove bathtub ring.  DIY Pool tile repair.

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