Tips To Keep Your AZ Swimming Pool Clean, Clear and Sanitized.

If you live in Arizona chances are you own a swimming pool, here are some pool maintenance tips for keeping your pool sparkling clean, clear, sanitized and ready for every day use during the hot summer days. The key to success is routine maintenance and proper water chemistry. This will save you from making mistakes that could cost you a great deal of money. Routine pool maintenance may also prevent frustration and will minimize the need to make emergency runs to the pool store for chemicals or other additives.

-Check you water chemistry at least once a week during the hot summer months and every other week during our cooler winter months.

-Clean pump and filter baskets once a month or after a weather disturbance.  This is a must after any AZ dust storm! (Old chlorine buckets make great garbage cans.  Keep one by the pool equipment were debris from pump and skimmer baskets can be dumped.)

-Keep an eye on the water level.  Look into the mouth of the skimmer.  If the water is 3 inches high going in… your good to go.  If the water is above the weir, the flap that keeps debris in the skimmer, lower the water with sump pump, back washing or evaporation.  If left too high the debris will not be removed from the surface of the pool.

-If you have a salt water chlorinator by sure to clean the salt cell once a week or as needed.  Cap one end of the cell and fill one-third with muriatic acid and fill the rest with water.  When the bubbles have stopped the cell is clean. (If you get a low salt reading, DON’T automatically add salt to the pool!  The cell could be calcified and giving off a false reading.)

– Clean your filters. This may be necessary after a heavy storm or once every few months depending on conditions in your pool. It would be best to clean them about every 4 months.  Another way to determin if the filter needs a cleaning is checking the pressure.  Every unit has a pressure gauge on top.  If you see an increase of 10-15 psi, time to clean. (If your filter is new or has just been thoroughly cleaned, take a SHARPE and right the pressure on the filter housing.  Now you will always remember your psi starting point.)

-Always keep chemicals stored out of direct sunlight. Keep them in a cool dry place. Do NOT store acid and chlorine right next to each other.

-Have the calcium cleaned from the waterline every two years of less.  Arizona Bead Blasting specializes in removing tough calcium deposits from pool tile, Pebble Tec and stone.  Calcium is very corrosive and if left untreated can cause damage to glazed swimming pool tiles.

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