The Benefits Of Acid Washing A Swimming Pool.

If you have surface stains in your pool, or your pool has been sitting for a while with algae, you may think about having the surface of the swimming acid washed to remove superficial surface stains This is also a popular option for homeowners having just purchased a foreclosure home and the pool has been left sitting green or black for an extended period of time. When a swimming pool is acid washed, the acid brings back a brighter or newer look to the surface. This new look is created when the applied acid removes the micro thin layer of calcium and other minerals that over times comes to coat the inside of a swimming pool. In a plaster swimming pool, after the thin layer of calcium has been removed the acid also removes a very thin layer of the plaster itself. This in turn leaves a whiter layer of plaster showing.

A swimming pool acid washing can be a real benefit to your swimming pool if done correctly. However, if the acid washing is done incorrectly it can substantially decrease the life of your swimming pool’s surface. An improperly applied acid wash can cause your swimming pool plaster to fall off as well as chip, flake or bubble. Swimming pool plaster should still be fairly smooth after an acid wash,and if the plaster is rough like sandpaper after a wash then the acid was very likely applied too strongly or was left on for too long.

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