Waterline Tile Cleaning in Ahwatukee Arizona


We are Arizona Bead Blasting and waterline tile cleaning is our specialty.  We provide valley wide service and our estimates are free so call today!  Headed to Phoenix today in the Ahwatukee area were Alice has a 13 year old pool that needs our help.  Alice had the pool resurfaced three years ago and picked out this beautiful blue tile at her waterline.  We arrived shortly after a storm as you can see in the before picture.  (Pro tip: If you are fortunate enough to design your backyard, stay away for deciduous trees and shrubs.  Your pool will thank you!)  Alice was excited to see the results and after a quick run down on what to expect, we jumped in and went to work.  One hour later we had the tile looking like new! We only took the water down three inches so the Alice could refill fast and get those ugly leaves swept up. As we were cleaning up her neighbor came back to see what the ruckus was all about and after seeing the beautiful waterline tile, we booked her for next week.  Thank you to Alice for the opportunity to clean your pool tile and we shall see you in a few years. (Oh and Catie we will see you next week!) If waterline tile cleaning is something your interested in give us a call, we’d be happy to help.

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