How Are Ceramic Swimming Pool Tiles Made?

By Mark White | December 12, 2014

Ceramic swimming pool tile starts life as a lump of earth — everything in that final product is a natural material. Ea­ch manufacturer likely has its own time-tested recipe for ceramic pool tile, but clay is usually the main ingredient, along with other items such as sand, feldspar, quartz and water. These ingredients are mixed…

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Great On Your Feet Not Swimming Pool Tile.

Pumice – Great On Your Feet Not Swimming Pool Tile.

By Mark White | December 11, 2014

 Pool tile will inevitably always end up with a calcium build up regardless of how well you maintain your pool especially is Arizona.  There are certain factors that can increase the amount of calcium and the speed in which it deposits as well as factors that prolong it.  Either way you will at some point…

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AZ Beadblasting blog post

Pebble Sheen Calcium Removal Tempe Arizona

By Mark White | December 6, 2014

Today AZBB heads up the 101 to Tempe Arizona. This was a rental home purchased just two weeks prior to our cleaning date. Fortunately the previous renter/owner took decent care of the pool because we were able to get about 95% of the calcium off the Pebble Sheen.  Pebble Sheen and natural stone can be…

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Glass Tile: A Popular Trend In Pool Design.

By Mark White | November 30, 2014

In Arizona glass tile has become a popular substitute for the “norm” ceramic/porcelain pool tile.  The beauty of glass is unmatched.  Homeowners can choose from many different sizes, shapes and colors.  This changes the ordinary cookie cutter pool into a brilliant backyard work of art. Arizona Bead Blasting salt blasting technique can make glass tile…

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AZ Beadblasting blog post

Proper Calcium Hardness Prolongs Deposits.

By Mark White | November 28, 2014

In addition to pH and total alkalinity, calcium hardness must be kept in balance so that your swimming pool water does not become too corrosive or end up scaling surfaces, such as, water line pool tile, rolled Pebble Tec and water features. These are symptoms of swimming pool water that is unbalanced. The recommended range…

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Pool Tile Best Practices: Don’t Seal Your Pool Tile.

By Mark White | October 22, 2014

Glass Bead blasting swimming pool tile is an art and when done incorrectly can cause irreversible damage. Companies that shoot too aggressively can strip the clear glaze off swimming pool tiles and worse, fade the color. Damage is often a result of many factors, but the air pressure being too high is the most common…

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