The Role of Calcium Hardness in Water Balance

By Mark White | July 12, 2015

While hardness in water consists of both calcium and magnesium salts (“total hardness”), only the calcium component is relevant in the water balance calculation for pools and spas. Called the Saturation Index (SI) formula, it considers the interrelationships of four chemical factors—calcium hardness; pH; total alkalinity, as corrected for the contribution of any cyanuric acid…

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Salt Blasting Pool Tile Cleaning in Phoenix Arizona

By Mark White | May 30, 2015

Summer is here!  Time to get the pool ship shape for the swim season.  Chris in Phoenix called because after draining his pool he notice the nasty calcium line which built up over the last 5 years.  With out patented salt blasting technique we were able to restore the tile to its original luster and…

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Saltwater Pools VS. Chlorine Pools

By Mark White | March 30, 2015

I get to discuss the pros and cons of saltwater pools vs. chlorine pools on a regular basis with my customers.  I am not a chemical expert, but I think that I have been around the pool industry long enough to have seen some of the pros and cons of both systems of sanitizing pool…

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Two Speed Vs. Variable Speed Pool Pumps

By Mark White | March 14, 2015

Single Speed Pump Single speed pool pumps have been around for over 50 years in the pool industry and have come a long way because of the pump itself mostly but also because of the motor too. The “wet end” of the pump has changed over the years to move a considerable amount more water…

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Calcium Removal in Chandler Arizona

By Mark White | February 21, 2015

Time for some calcium removal Chandler, Arizona.  AZ Bead Blasting was hired to clean the pool tile belonging a new East Valley resident named Ed.  He just bought the house three weeks ago and his wife was tired of looking at the calcium line so Ed gave us the opportunity to take on the job.…

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Pool Tile Cleaning with Salt Blasting in Queen Creek Arizona.

By Mark White | February 16, 2015

[metaslider id=6299]   Arizona Bead Blasting provides pool tile cleaning in Queen Creek, Arizona.  Arizona Bead Blasting is headed to Queen Creek after receiving a call from Ted who had about 5 years of calcium build up on his pool tile.  After testing the calcium hardness of his water it was obvious it was time…

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Veteran Pool Tile Cleaning in Arizona City.

By Mark White | February 6, 2015

Arizona Bead Blasting heads to Arizona City for the first time for some tile cleaning! Carl gave us a call because his three your old pool was starting to get a bit crusty.  He gave us the dimensions and after agreeing on the price we headed down a couple days later.  When we arrived the…

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Bead Blasting In-Depth

By Mark White | February 5, 2015

Bead blasting is a form of high pressure cleaning of a surface that is less damaging to the surface than typical abrasive blasting using small sharp particles such as quartz sand. One of the most common materials used in bead blasting are small spherical particles of glass that are shot with air pressure at a…

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Swimming Pool Tile Repair

By Mark White | January 31, 2015

How many cracked tiles do you have? An isolated cracked pool tile is no big deal but several cracked tiles in a row is indicative of a more serious problem.  Swimming pools are basically a large mass of concrete sunk into the earth surrounded by another large mass of concrete, called the pool deck. Due…

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Surprise! Arizona Pool Tile Cleaning in N. West Valley.

By Mark White | January 24, 2015

[metaslider id=6306]   Today Arizona Bead Blasting is headed NW to Surprise Arizona. We received a call from Jack who was in need of a pool drain and some calcium removal. The tile had been cleaned by another company two years ago and it was due for service. We dropped of the sump pump the…

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